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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Eat Clean Series Part One

Hi, I’m Robin Shea, and welcome to Life’s Delicious!!! A series devoted to sharing our passion for food and family. Whether we are preparing tasty recipes, exploring the latest in healthy eating, or dishing up yummy desserts; join me and be reminded it really is a delicious life.

Many of you that know me… know, that I am a little neurotic about my health and fitness; that is why I am so excited to share with you The Eat Clean Series. I have been (unknowingly) eating clean for many years; and it wasn’t until recently that I realized there was a Clean Eating revolution.

You may be wondering… What is Eating Clean? Well, Clean Eating is a simple, common-sense approach to diet and nutrition. It’s roots lie in sensible, nutritious eating with an emphases on eating the way nature intended. Now, I know that may sound a little vague, but as the series moves forward I hope to bring Clean Eating into clear focus for you.

Clean Eating dates back to the 60’s; it started with the co-op-shopping-Birkenstock-wearing-granola-crowd and through the years filtered down to the buff beach bodies and the health and fitness world; and has been recently reignited by Fitness model and Author Tosca Reno.

During this series, I will introduce you to Tosca Reno, the Author of The Eat-Clean Diet, we will explore the principles of Clean Eating, how to choose foods your body can use, dietary duo’s which is the pairing of foods for optimum nutritional absorption, and finally we will prepare easy, yet delicious recipes right out of Tosca’s cookbook.

The first, and most important principle I would like to cover today is just a basic understanding of Clean Eating. I feel there are two types of Clean Eating… Basic Clean Eating and (what I like to call) Uber-Clean Eating. For me, I needed to completely grasp and understand basic Clean Eating before I could move forward and embrace Uber-Clean Eating.

Basic Clean Eating

To me… I think of basic clean eating like this… It is more than an organic idea, all food is born Clean (some more clean than others), whether it is fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts or beef, chicken, pork, turkey, bison etc… they are all born Clean; however, the more contact the food has with humans prior to being consumed, the dirtier it becomes. So, for instance a box of Oatmeal versus a box of supposedly healthy cereal; this is what I look for… How many ingredients (that are foreign to me) are included in this box? The fewer ingredients I read… the cleaner the food. Remember… we are talking about healthful foods. Does that make sense?

Uber-Clean Eating

Now, on the extreme end you have Uber-Clean Eating (something I am striving for daily but sometimes fall short); Now, Uber-Clean Eating (a name I attached to the extreme Clean Eaters) is everything Basic Clean Eating is plus a complete commitment to organic growing, harvesting and raising. In other words, free of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, or synthetic fertilizers, and for meat…being raised without the use of any kind of chemicals or growth hormones.

The first part of the series we will focus on Basic Clean Eating and today we are going to prepare a fantastic Meatless Hamburger, a recipe I found in Oxygen‘s The Clean Eating Magazine. Click below to watch the first episode.

To recap, we are exploring the concept of Clean Eating. A wonderful lifestyle diet that supports natural weight loss without starvation, or relatively effortless maintenance, but, regardless of your reasons for Eating Clean, this lifestyle diet will have you feeling better than you ever have.

We just prepared a very Clean and delicious Meatless Hamburger out of The Clean Eating Magazine If you are interested in more information on how you can Clean up your diet, just become a fan of the Life’s Delicious!!! TV w/Robin Shea face book page where you will have a chance to win one of Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet Cookbooks; I will be giving away one cookbook each week throughout the series.

Finally, Life’s Delicious!!! is all about sharing our passion for food and family and I am so excited to become connected to you through all of the wonderful new communication tools we have available to us today. So, let’s tweet, let’s share, let’s become a community that embraces life, and just how perfectly imperfect it can be, yet despite all of the imperfections we still feel Life’s Delicious!!!

I am Robin Shea and until next week…

Remember, Life’s Delicious!!!

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