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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life is... Predictably, Unpredictable.

Hey Everyone,
Y'all have been so patient waiting for the second episode of The Eat Clean Series on Life's Delicious!!! TV w/Robin Shea; and I assure you it is on the way.  I was all set to tape the show on Wednesday however... Tuesday night my family and I had dinner in Nashville for my third sons birthday, my husband and I ordered the Mahi and within two hours Greg (my husband) was doubled over in pain- it took the food poisoning a little longer to hit me but, by 4:00pm the next afternoon I was also suffering the blow of food poisoning.  We stayed in bed for three full days and I am still a little weak knee'd.

I have rescheduled the taping for Sunday night (February 28) and I will do my best to have it streaming by the early part of next week.  Series 3, 4, & 5 will follow very quickly. 

So, Thank you for your patience and your continued interest in The Eat Clean Series.

Just a closing note...  Great article on getting back on track with your workouts after being sick.

remember... Life's Delicious!!!

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