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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lord, I'll be patient; but PLEASE HURRY!

So many wonderful things are happening everyday that sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself. Projects that I have been working on for years are falling into place, sponsorship opportunities are appearing out of thin air by just word of mouth... Everything I have been working toward for the past six years seems to be coming together. I feel so blessed and I am so thankful.

However, with that type of growth there is inevitably growing pains. I am so 'Thankful' for the Team Delicious!!! Staff, everyone collaborates, supports, encourages and works so incredibly hard on behalf of Life's Delicious!!! TV. Team Delicious!!! and I share a vision of LDTV and I know it is a vision we will realize through patience, dedication, hard work and a quality product for our viewer's. Which brings me to my point...?

In the next six months LDTV is going to morph into my dreams reality and I pray you stick with us through our growing process.

Our next episode is Monday, March 15, please tune in and share your thoughts, ideas, any ole' thing!! I would love to know what you are thinking.

remember... Life's Delicious!!!


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