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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working Women's Wednesday

Balancing Summer!

1. Learning to say NO!!!
a.Have your driving core operating values very, very clear. Figure out your vital goals to achieve what you're about in your life and career. Time with your family? Time with your spouse? Education? Work?
b. Filter everything through those vital goals. Does this opportunity fit in with them? Will it express values important to me?
c. When you receive a request, ask for time to study it. Think it through and see how it fits with your goals, then get back to the person as soon as you can. He recommends, "This just doesn't fit in with my vital goals at this particular time," as a gracious, inoffensive way to decline.

2. Set Summer Family goals

a. Taking family walks in the evening 3 days a week
b. Family Game night
c. Dinner together
d. Go to the park etc.

3. Encourage Children to set personal summer goals

a. Books to read
b. Physical activity goals
c. Languages to study
d. Instruments to learn

Have a great summer with your family and make every moment count.
remember... Life's Delicious!!!

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