Southern Fried Fitness Recipes

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Southern Fried Fitness

Southern food, rich in history, inspired by a beautiful variety of cultures; Soul food, Creole, Cajun, Lowcountry, and Floribbean, all examples of delicious Southern cuisine, and we each have our favorites, deeply steeped in family history and flavor.

A true Southerner takes pride in having more than enough food to go around. “Big Eatin” is always better than re-fined eating. Variety, quantity and flavor will always be a trademark of the Old South.

In my family, we could always count on Nanny and Pawpaw, as us Southerners often call them, to serve up delicious helpings of homegrown goodness- from Nanny’s classic Chicken and Dumplin’s to Pawpaw’s beef stew, our southern families love centered around food.

When we no longer celebrate those foods, we will no longer be Southerners, and I wouldn’t dream of letting my Nanny’s Chicken and Dumplin’s fade into a distant memory.
So, how do we blend our passion for Classic Southern Cuisine with our commitment to health and fitness…

Well, we learn to live an 80/20 lifestyle; that is… making “Clean” healthy lifestyle choices 80% of the time while saving 20% for our favorite guilt free Southern indulgence.

Southern Fried Fitness 80% healthy, 20% indulgent but 100% delicious!!!

More to come...


  1. Hi, I was running with a buddy this morning (7 miles on the boards on the Jersey Shore) and he was telling me about a french toast recipe he saw on your show. Where can I find the recipe? I promised to cook it for him. Thanks, Emily

  2. I am so sorry Emily, this post did not come through to me. I just discovered it this morning. Let me find the recipe and I will post it! Happy Holidays!