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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live Without Excuses: Four Steps for Making Positive Change

This is a formula that I stumbled upon by chance; in an effort to reach my own personal goals and ambitions. I have been a wife and mother for so many years that I had forgotten my own autonomy- I really don't know if I ever fully developed it in the first place, prior to becoming a wife and then a mother. As many of us do, I gladly supressed my personal ambitions for the great honor of raising my family and now that they had reached an age of self discovery and self reliance I had the opportunity to rediscover my own personal ambitions.

So... what was stopping me? Something, I just couldn't quite put my finger on it. And then, one day, I had a conversation with my husband; I wanted to go to the gym (desperately) but for some strange and unexplainable reason I didn't feel I had the right. I thought to myself, "How overindulgent, and selfish of me to want that time for just me. Why? so I can look better? How vain". Ridiculous, I know, but nonetheless very governing of my life. I asked my husband to support my decision to start a workout routine, he laughed... and responded "Of course, I would love for you to work out". Well he says that now... but what happens when he wants me to run an errand or stop what I am doing and go somewhere with him etc... Well, I stuck to my guns, gave myself permission to go to the gym and I have never looked back. That has been over three years ago and my life has evolved into a beautiful blending of goals, dreams and ambitions all coming together in perfect harmony. I have isolated the steps I took that allowed me to make such monumental changes and I am thrilled to share them with you. Hopefully, they will resonate with one of you and you can begin your own journey toward positive change.
  • Get or Give yourself the permission to act
  • Educate yourself- immerse yourself in the educational process
  • Be Patient- accept that it is a process and requires a learning curve
  • Teach what you have learned
I know it sounds simple; but believe me it is powerful. Please share your thoughts.
remember... Life's Delicious!!!



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