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Saturday, January 30, 2010

How do you start your day? How's that workin' for ya!

Yesterday I had one of those days that was very demanding.  As a result... I skipped breakfast (except a Clemintine Orange); I had a salad for (a late) lunch, and then I literally felt my sugar spin out of control.  I ended up snacking on foods for the rest of the night- Foods that I have sworn off (and rarely have a desire for anymore)!!! 

WHY???  I never, ever have trouble sticking to my Clean Eating.  What went wrong?  Then late last night (while I was fussing at myself for being so weak minded) it occurred to me that I didn't have my tried and true breakfast.  I didn't have my oatmeal.  Not quick oatmeal mind you; but my Old Fashioned Oatmeal with two tablespoons of Wheat Germ, Flax Seed, a handful of almonds and fresh blue berries topped with a splash of fat free milk. 

I now understand (better than ever) the power of this healthly, satiating breakfast.  It is my secret weapon against volitility.  I am formally offering my best friend an apology.  "Dear Sweet Oatmeal, I am so very sorry for insulting your integrity; I will never again deminish your importance in my life by skipping you."  

How do you start your day?  And... Is that working for you???

remember... Life's Delicious!!!


  1. Great post, You really don't even come close to understanding the power of a healthy breakfast until you go without. I had the exact same experience this week, and the same humbling gratitude to my oatmeal.