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Monday, February 1, 2010

Miracle on the Hudson: Three Steps to Making Great Decisions

I was recently invited to speak at The Women in Business Annual Breakfast; it was quite an honor and I met some fascinating and very accomplished ladies. When I am developing content for any type of talk I begin with an inspirational point- something that has happened in or around my life that really resonates with me; one of those unshakeable feelings that call so many of us into action. For instance, this horrible tragedy that just took place in Haiti is so horrific in nature that millions of individuals have been called up (by there own inner voice) and told to serve. For others, although the sadness and disbelief is there, the call to action may not be. For whatever reason it just does not resonate deeply enough to them to act (it could be a protective armor they wear to spare their heart the anguish of death? but protective armor is another blog at another time). Regardless, I look for inspiration that has the sticktoitness I require to be moved.

One such event took place just a little over a year ago. Captain "Sully" Sullenberg landed his plane on the Hudson River. I put together my speech in a PowerPoint format; being new to the blog life I am not certain how to upload my powerpoint for you to view. However, if you click on the link, I will gladly email you a copy of my powerpoint presentation. Promise... no tricks up my sleeve... no, never-ending emails (not even one) I just do not know how to get it to you otherwise. Well, I guess there is one trick up my sleeve... Please send me your friends if you think my content is
BTW I am hiring a blog designer to help me figure all of this crazy world out.

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  1. My inspiration that called me to action is a man by the name of Bob Davisson. Inspired by a trip he took to Haiti more than 6 yrs ago, Bob used his own money to set up schools, and set to feed, clothe and educate as many children as he could. Today that number exceeds 4300!

    I was so moved by Bob when I interviewed him for a story - that I immediately started volunteering my writing services. I had planned a trip last March to visit his schools - but alas my courage failed me. I wasn't sure I could witness such abject poverty and not be changed in some way. A way I wasn't sure I was quite ready to be changed - at least not quite yet.

    I'm still volunteering my writing services for Lifeline Haiti - and am in touch with Bob daily as he makes his way through the devastation there. So far - as far as we know all of his schools are intact and his 4300 children are safe. Maybe this was a wake-up for me to buck up - and be just that little bit more inspired to make a difference.


  2. Gail, that is the exact sticktoitedness I am speaking of. We most certainly guard our self's from situations we know are going to profoundly affect us, if indeed, we are not prepared to be affected. Sometime's a cause is so profoundly strong we just can't shake and we know we are being called into action. I will be happy to email you the Power Point if you are interested, if not, Thank you for your words and for reading my blog.
    remember... Life's Delicious!!!
    Robin Shea