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Friday, April 23, 2010

Get (and stay) in the Health and Fitness Zone!

Everyone has a different motivation that ignites their now’s the time to get fit and healthy fire; the funny thing about motivation is that it is much like bathing… it is only temporary and soon fades away. The single most important component in a successful lifestyle change can be found in the mind. Success is 90% mental and understanding how your motivators and de-motivators work is imperative to achieving a complete and total lifestyle overhaul.

Motivators are important when you are trying to get fired up about the obvious challenges you will face.  You have the power to control your motivators and use them to get you (and more important keep you) fired up... Use visual imagery and see yourself being successful before you've actually reached your goal. 

The reason visual imagery works lies in the fact that when you vividly imagine yourself reacting and overcoming certain situations, you are in turn physiologically creating neural path ways in your brain, just as if you had physically performed the action. Mental imagery is intended to train our minds and create the neural patterns we need to make great strides in achieving what we really want in life.

The key to using imagery is knowing how and what to imagine.  There are two types of imagery; both are important to achieve sustainable results.

Goal Imagery- may boost motivation and effort, but is unlikely on its own to lead directly to performance benefits.
Goal Imagery has the power to kick start your actions but lacks the substance to assist you in making permanent lifestyle changes.  You want to... 

  • Look great for impending event

  • Purchase a great outfit

  • Going to a high school reunion
Process Imagery- is based on seeing yourself coping in difficult circumstances and mastering challenging situations. Process Imagery appears to be important in developing expectations of success and self confidence.  Process imagery is the meat and potatoes to lifestyle changes.  ex...
Picture yourself...

  • Walking away from temptation

  • Preparing healthy meals

  • Going to the gym
Think through the images you are going to focus on being sure to use both goal and process imagery.  Be specific in your images; picture yourself overcoming real life situations; test your resistance and before you know it...  your images will become second nature to your effort.

remember... Life's Delicious! 


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