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Monday, December 13, 2010


In every direction tasty treats are calling my name; beautiful holiday cookies, cakes and pies not to mention casseroles, appetizers, dips and more. How am I going to survive this season without packing on an extra five pounds of unwanted holiday weight???

STAY ON TRACK!!! Now is the time to pick up steam and push through the Holiday’s without completely blowing it!

1. Look at your Holiday calendar and know what temptations lie ahead for you

2. Commit to a strict 90/10 Lifestyle; this will allow you to store away a few extra calories that you can spend on the Holiday treat of your choice

3. If you fall off… It is not all over! Pick yourself up, dust off and begin again

4. Believe in the Power of You! You can do this!

One more pearl that has changed my relationship with food forever…

Fall in love with the process of living a healthy life. Not every choice you are going to make is going to be the perfect choice but, your heart and desire are in the right place; be patient with yourself as you get better and better every day in every way!

Remember… Life’s Delicious!!!


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