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Friday, December 3, 2010


I can only share what I have lived and know in my heart to be true, through my experiences one truth continues to ring true… The Reward is Found in the Journey.

Take time this Holiday Season to savor and enjoy every second of the journey, that is where the memories are made.  I hope these ideas help you SAVOR THE SEASON

Take control of your holiday spirit this Christmas Season; here are a few ideas to overcome the Holiday Hassle.


• Set the mood when decorating your home, complete with hot cocoa, Christmas music, and a roaring fire.

• If your home is full of toddlers that like to help (been there) invest in a few plastic ornaments and a very inexpensive, small tree (just there size) and let them decorate their little hearts out.

• Only allow a certain amount of time to decorate (let’s say two days); if it doesn’t get decorated in that time don’t freak out, you will get to it next year. Clean up, plug in the lights, sip your cocoa, listen to your beautiful music and enjoy.

Gift Giving

• If you are crafty, creative or have a hidden talent… give that as your gift. My most treasured gifts from Christmas past include things that were made for me; an ornament from my Sister in law, a family scrap book my sister, Kyra made. These homemade or HEARTMADE gifts are priceless.

• Play Dirty Santa

o This is a great idea for large families, or businesses/organizations, etc. Everyone purchases a gift (within a specified money limit), and brings it to an event wrapped. All gifts are placed on a table, and each person who brought a gift chooses a number out of a basket. Starting with number 1, that person chooses a gift from the table. Each person thereafter (starting with number 2, 3, etc.) can either choose to steal a gift that someone else has chosen, or to take a gift from the table. In the end, everyone has a gift, and the crowd is usually dying to know what is under all the shiny wrapping paper of an especially interesting-looking gift or two. It’s a lot of fun!

• Family Gift or Experience:

o If you have sisters, brothers, or friends who have children of their own, instead of purchasing one gift for each family member, purchase a gift for the entire family that will help to bring them closer together. This could be a board game, badminton net or horseshoe set or maybe a gift certificate to the movies, or a tin of gourmet popcorn. Get creative!

Holiday Eating

• Always plan your cheat times. If you are attending an event where goodies will be served, organize your eating day around that. For instance, cut back portions back during the day of your clean, healthy foods and save a few calories for the treats.

• During the week, or when you know you are not going to be tempted by holiday yummies, commit to a 90/10 split; be exceptionally committed to your 90% and enjoy your 10% GUILT FREE!

• Remember… most holiday treats are 100% empty carbohydrate goodies. So, make your clean, healthy meals high in protein and fibrous carbs- no extra breads.

• If possible, stay committed to your workout regimen, especially your aerobic activities. Aerobic activities are proven to reduce stress!

Hope these few tips help! Remember… SAVOR THE SEASON, THE REWARD IS IN THE JOURNEY!

Remember… Life’s Delicious,


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