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Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Beginnings!

Every now and then we need to be reminded that every day is a new beginning. I am so blessed to have a beautiful group of independent minded women that I call my friends; my posse includes my sisters, my Mom, and friends- both lifelong and new. We share love, acceptance, support and encouragement and most importantly laughter... oh how we laugh together!

This brings me to my simple point, we are all on a journey and we are not alone; we have each other. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning to start over and embrace what will be... Find the people in your life that bring out your best and share with them your goals and ambitions and let them lift you up when you are down. Tomorrow is a new beginning, life starts all over and the possibilities are endless!!!

Remember... Life's Delicious!!!

Robin Shea

1 comment:

  1. Wow! How sweet is that. So happy to be in your circle of friends/family and to a part of your life..... once again. All my love