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Monday, February 14, 2011

Binge Triggers!

We all have them; situations where we lose control and ravage food. Shoveling it in quicker than we can chew, practically choking on the bites; next we sense a surge or release (whether norepinephrine, dopamine, adrenaline or another one of the wacky neurotransmitters that make us do crazy things) and for a brief moment it calms us. SOUND FAMILIAR?

Well, those situations have triggers by pinpointing our triggers we can design a strategy to protect us from losing control. Part of journaling is to locate our triggers; it didn’t take long for me to find one!

Yesterday I had a yucky headache, the kind that makes you nauseated, lethargic and cranky. My diet was very good during the day and into the evening, I had a pot of porridge made and snacked on it all day. So, hunger was not my trigger; around 8:00 pm my Mother-in-Law brought over some meringue cookies and a chocolate turtle cake for Valentine’s Day. Typically I am never tempted with this type treat, I am very rooted in my 80/20 Lifestyle and set my 20% aside and enjoy my treat guilt free. But, not last night; I dug in to those cookies like a crazy person and lost count at five (without a breath). After my binge I went back to my bedroom to continue feeling sorry for myself and my terrible headache. That is when it occurred to me that for a brief moment (while shoveling cookies in my mouth) my head didn’t hurt. Next I began reflecting on past binges and I realized that a trigger for me is pain. I have headaches quite often due to allergies, and barometric pressure changes, not often do they escalate to yesterday’s level but when they do… I become very, very vulnerable. You can bet I will think about this more and put something in place to help me overcome the next Headache Munchie Meltdown.

What are some of your triggers? Maybe we can come up with some solutions together.

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  1. Triggers for me are allergies as well. Only my worst syptom is extreme fatigue. When I am feeling that low, I have very little will power to say no to over eating. AND when I have let myself get too hungry due to busyness I binge on whatever is around. I know my weaknesses but sometimes don't plan ahead to prevent them.