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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phase One: Twelve Week Food Journal

The first two weeks of the SOUTHERN FRIED FITNESS Twelve Week Journaling begins by taking inventory; not of your pantry but of your habits. Spending time recognizing strengths and weaknesses allows us to formulate a strategy.

Don’t worry about cleaning out pantries, or loading up on “Health Food” at the grocery, or cutting down to 1000 calories~ just worry about jotting everything down in a binder of some kind. The first two weeks we are going to explore your UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE; discovering WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, YOU DON’T KNOW (click here for more information).

By defining your patterns we can put together a more accurate assessment of “Where do we go from here”.

Don’t cheat yourself of the importance of PHASE ONE; write down every little thing every day, including the times of day you are eating. This is REALITY CHECK and not a time to judge; be patient with the learning process (it can’t be rushed). Impatience is a form of creates stress, dissatisfaction and fear and that isn’t the goal.

In addition to journaling, familiarize yourself with the Southern Fried Fitness Visualization Exercises and begin practicing some of the techniques (click here for more information). I have personally used visualization work throughout my adult life; it has an amazing power to drive us in the direction we envision. The Subconscious mind is much like a dark room, in which we develop the images that will be lived out in real life; while the conscious mind ‘sees’ an event, takes a picture of it and remembers it, the subconscious mind works backwards ‘seeing’ something before it happens (Joseph Murphy).

Finally, address your fitness goals; just spend time examining your schedule and realistically setting goals of when and how you can incorporate cardiovascular and strength training care into your life.

Believe me; whatever you are experiencing you are not alone. Share your struggles (as I will mine), ask questions and “chime in” when you have special insight. Celebrate your small daily successes; when your vision work is actually lived out in real life, let every one know because it is an AMAZING experience.

I will be there every step of the way, sharing, listening, contributing and guiding to the best of my ability.
      • Discover your strengths and weaknesses
      • Take careful notes when you are frustrated, excited, bored as it relates to your eating patterns
    • What are your food weaknesses (you know when you just can’t have something around)
    • What are your food strengths, healthy choices you really enjoy
    • Study and understand the visualization techniques and goal setting skills
    • Begin practicing skills
    • Links will be provided so you can research various approaches to visualization- choose the style in which you are most comfortable
    • Set fitness goals (x’s a week, duration), tweak schedule until manageable
    • Spend the first two weeks of the program examining your schedule and testing different workout schedules
    • Base your schedule on what you can commit to during the program; we are not training for a marathon- we are simply trying to work consistent physical care into your daily life.

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