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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Join Me in Journaling

Food journaling has long been promoted as a great tool for tracking caloric intake in an effort to shed pounds; it's effectiveness in heightening awareness of food choices, eating patterns, over indulgence and more is well documented and there is no doubt that food journaling plays an important role in effective weight management.

As I shared with you yesterday, I have committed the next 12 weeks to tightening things up; taking my 80/20 Lifestyle up a level both dietary and physically. I have been "Eating Clean" for a long time but even a seasoned clean eater can make clean food choices that are more calorie dense. I am going to bring my diet back to basics and kick up my workout including HIIT fitness principles; this will keep my mind and body responsive to the tremendous benefits of a clean diet, and also reignite my metabolism to perform at its maximum level of efficiency.

One final note, my food journal is more geared toward making “Clean” food choices rather than calorie counting. I will be analyzing my carb/protein intake in regards to timing; starting my day more carb heavy and tapering off carbs switching to more protein dense meals and snacks as the day progresses. Keeping in mind that carbohydrates main purpose is fuel, proteins main purpose is to build and repair-

• Carbohydrates will maintain energy for my day, but they are not needed for rest

• Proteins will build and repair my body while I rest

If you are interested in food journaling here are some great tools to help you get started.

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