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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let Go of the Outcome and Enjoy the Journey!

Mac, Greg, Rylan, Rowdy & Colton

They are my purpose for living!

Good Sunday Morning,

Tomorrow we begin our Twelve Week Food Journal; this morning I am going to share with a story of discovery that I hope impacts your life as it has mine.

In 2002 my children were 10, 7, 6, & 2 years old; the hurriedness of life had taken its toll on the fiber of our relationships. My marriage was strained, my children were involved in too many activities, and life felt like a burden more than a blessing. One morning my husband and I had our worst falling out ever; this was the turning point. As I stood in my hallway sobbing, I looked to heaven for guidance; the message came through loud and clear. Food was the answer to my call; I have always had a passion for health, fitness and cooking but after years of preparing meals for ungrateful, picky children and a husband that would rather stand up in the kitchen and eat out of the pot than join us at the table, I had abandoned our dinner table, and cooking all together- yet, I was instructed to use this powerful tool to heal my family AND INDEED IT DID. I spent the entire year of 2002 establishing new patterns for my family, writing recipes that were multi-meal recipes (I call them Meal Stacking recipes- prepare one meal, pull reserves for two additional meals), embracing our dinner table, setting up rules of behavior and conduct at the table and turning this time into treasured family time.

I have always been a messenger, when something impacts me I am compelled to share it with everyone I feel it can help. This act of obedience to my divine creator impacted my life and I became The Dinner Table Ambassador! Delivering my message to MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) groups, Chamber events, and friends- I witnessed every opportunity I had!

In August, 2003 a friend encouraged me to share my story of hope and faith with our local news station, WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Anchor of the morning program, Whitney Ray, liked my message and invited me on the show to share my story and prepare one of my Meal Stacking recipes. Following that first appearance there was a wave of calls and requests for more information; I did not miss a week on WBKO’s Midday Live for the next six years. There were many times I would look up to heaven and ask if I was living up to the trust that had been placed in me, and I would pray that the message I am delivering impact someone; I also recognized that I was merely a tool being used to deliver the message of hope.

During the six years on WBKO, people often asked me… “Do you want to be on the Food Network?” or “What are you going to do next?” My children were very young when I began my “Career” at WBKO, they needed me more than I needed a career; so, although I am very ambitious, the idea of taking steps toward a larger audience had to wait until the boys were older.

In January 2010 the time had come to end my six year run on WBKO. I again looked to Heaven for guidance and again it was revealed. I wrote the pilot for Southern Fried Fitness and with the help of publicist, Amy Burge, found an outlet to have it produced and potentially picked up by a network. In August of 2010 the pilot was shot and the wheels were in motion. The producer and I felt we had a good shot of the pilot being picked up in January 2011 but as fate would have it, PBS and two other cable networks immediately picked up the program and wanted thirteen episodes by October 2010; we got to work fast, writing episodes, filming, editing etc… Season One of Southern Fried Fitness aired in October 2010. We just finished filming Season Two, which will begin airing in March on PBS stations across the country, as well as three cable networks.

Which brings me to my point; many times during the last nine years I was asked, “Do you enjoy doing the show?” My reply was always the same, “If it all ends tomorrow, I have enjoyed every second of every day doing this work.”

The Southern Fried Fitness, Twelve Week Food Journal is an opportunity for all of us to fall in love with the journey and move away from the outcome. The journey never ends; we can find joy, contentment, success and wholeness every day of our life once we fall in love with the journey.

Today I will be sending out an outline for our twelve weeks and information regarding Phase 1 of our four phase program.


  1. What a wonderful story how you turned everything around and with god, made it work in your favor! God bless and looking forward to reading more, and learning alot! I'm in the group with w/o partners on facebook! We w/o with kenya crooks!

  2. Robin- How wonderful! It is so great to see you doing so well and beautiful as EVER! I have been praying for something like this and was wondering who on Facebook had the knowledge I needed to get into great shape again! This is just amazing to me that you would send this right at this time. Thank you for including me and I am really looking forward to this. Love ya, your friend, Sherry Stanley

  3. Wow, Robin... I never knew your story. I am sure many, including myself, can and will relate and be inspired. I am really looking forward to this. thanks for sharing your struggles and current triumph.

    Deanna Wilson

  4. Wow!..I am so incredibly inspired by your story. It just about brought tears to my eyes. I have been looking for the accountability again to keep a food log and share it with the people who enjoy these same things..thank you so much Robin..IU truly believe that you are a godsend!..looking forward to learning, inspiring, and sharing this journey with everyone!