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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The New AMERICAN Need... Hear our CRY!

The birth of the Fast Food industry, the collapse of the family dinner hour, and the explosion of the pre-packaged food industry were the result of societal forces never before experienced by modern civilization; the negative impact is still being felt exponentially. I choose to believe that the events leading up to the collapse of our Nation’s health were not the result of a greedy corporate society set out to destroy the health and wellbeing of America but rather, an answer to a need; meeting needs is the fabric of this amazing nation, and at the time of the industrial revolution, Family’s needs were growing, and changing almost daily; industry rose up and met the changing needs- not out of evil militia but out of good old American ingenuity.

As we navigate our way out of the health disaster our nation is now experiencing, a new need is gaining momentum in America, a need that is boiling and seething beneath the surface preparing to reclaim what has been compromised through years of neglect and the quick fix; OUR HEALTH, FITNESS, STANDARD OF LIVING AND THE FUTURE HEALTH OF GENERATIONS TO COME WILL DEPEND ON OUR BATTLE CRY. In my eternal optimism, I choose to believe that America’s new needs will be met; corporate America will once again rise to the occasion and provide the answers that will meet and exceed our expectations. Only this time, they are dealing with a wiser, savvier consumer; no more being “Buffaloed” by corporate ad campaigns designed to sell us only on the idea of health and nutrition without the substance behind the products. The lessons learned over the course of the past thirty years will all be for not should we choose to leave our health and nutrition up to corporate entities; we must demand standards that are clear, and understandably defined. Once we, the consumer, become educated and aware of the nutritional value in the foods we select we can no longer plead ignorance and the responsibility falls squarely on our shoulders to make the choices that will make the difference. History is destined to repeat itself if lessons are not learned and steps are not put in place, The 80/20 Lifestyle is the first step! 

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