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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enjoying Life's 20% Indulgence!!!

My weakness for Homemade French Fries
Enjoying Life’s 20%

Nothing nourishes the body like wholesome, clean foods; The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle recognizes the importance of consuming foods in their most natural state in order to maximize the nutrition and health benefits. Besides loving the flavor, freshness, beauty and versatility of our clean diet, we respect the foods nature has provided for us and their ability to energize our bodies, grow and repair our muscles, stave off disease and keep us sharp mentally and physically. This is why 80% or our diet consists of nothing but clean, healthy, natural foods delivered straight from nature and consumed in the most organic form available to us.

For a Southern Fried Fitness Follower food is not a “free for all”, it is an area of life that requires great responsibility; not just for us personally, but for our children and for generations to come. The key to success in The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle is learning to reframe your relationship with food:

80% of the time we make choices that contribute to our health and physical wellbeing, by choosing foods of higher quality.

20% of the time we make choices that contribute to our soul and mental wellbeing, by choosing foods that speak to our heart.

Memories are made around food; food engages the senses and we are stimulated visually, physically, and emotionally. My Southern roots are steeped in traditional Southern foods and when I no longer celebrate those foods, I will no longer feel Southern. Delicious, southern indulgent dishes feed my soul and I wouldn’t dream of abandoning them. I just have to keep them in their proper place… My 20%!!!

The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle is about learning how to live an 80/20 life; that is… making “Clean” healthy lifestyle choices 80% of the time, while saving 20% for a favorite guilt free Southern indulgence.

For the remainder of this week…Decide on your 20% Indulgence~ choose what you are going to spend your 20% on??? Think about…

• What day will it be?

• What meal will it be?

• Will it be a dessert or a main dish?

• Will it be a small main dish and a small dessert?

• Where will you enjoy it?

• Plan for it.

• Use your vision exercises to think about how wonderful it is going to be.

• Anticipate it.

• and when it arrives… Savor it!!!

• Start planning your next 20%

Like Phase One, Phase Two is an adjustment period. We are tightening up our daily routine and incorporating our 20% Indulgence into our regimen. Don’t count calories, or beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect… We want progress, not perfection. A little further in the program you will decide how often you need a 20% Indulgence~ for now, let’s stick with once a week.

Now, start planning your 20%!!! Woo Hoo… I am thinking long and hard about mine, I will let you know!

Southern Fried Fitness 80% healthy, 20% indulgent but 100% delicious!!!

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