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Monday, February 28, 2011

Phase Two: Weeks 3,4

To recap:
We have spent the last two week discovering our habits, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.  How do we capitalize on our strengths and minimize our weaknesses?

The process of moving from Phase One into Phase Two can be very frustrating; your awareness is expanding faster than your physical and psychological skills. Phase Two (being aware you lack skills) is a test and will not last indefinitely; you will either find yourself slipping back into Phase One or you will push through Phase Two with grit and determination. 

Imagine you are interested in learning to play golf, or tennis or perhaps a foreign language; you have a heightened sense of awareness, you look at golf clubs or tennis rackets all the time, you listen intently as people around you speak spanish and you try to decypher thier words; you are, more or less, tuned in. 

Learning and changing can ususally hold your attention through the initial learning phase, but now the time has come to "Step it Up", you know the basics... but are you ready to start learning.  This is the  point many commitments begins to wain and if you aren't ready (or willing) to make the next level of commitment, you may end up walking away.  You don't have to...Here are a few tips
  • Apply Tension to Your Standards
Individuals that focus on one aspect of health rarely achieve long term, sustainable lifestyle changes; so put emphases on the basic building blocks of the Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle to continually pull yourself forward.  

 Effortless Mastery comes when we reach unconscious competence—when we no longer think about what we are doing. You must recognize that in the end it is up to you to find the unconscious competence that will give you effortless mastery.

Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three and Phase Four working together center us and guide us toward effortless mastery.

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