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Monday, February 21, 2011

Successful Visualization and Imagery

Successful Visualization and Imagery Training Has the Following Components

Regular practice. Schedule a time for visualization and imagery. Begin by visualizing two or three times per day—morning and evenings while in bed is a good time and place. Start with 15 minutes of visualization. As you become more skilled you will need less time to practice.

Keep thoughts purposeful and directed. This will lead to a positive experience. Learn to direct and control the images in your head. Let the mindless chatter enter in and exit out, do not pay attention to it, the more you practice the more skilled you will become at controlling your visualization technique.

Two visualizations themes- The more sensory components you add, the more real the visualization


Imagine the desired outcome and play scenes in your head, like a movie, of you at your best.

How does it feel to be your best?

How do clothes feel on your new body?

Who have you inspired to become their best?


Imagine yourself overcoming obstacles such as…

Walking away from tempting situations

Tuning out temptation from friends and family

Being proud of your new commitment to health and fitness

Staying committed to your 80% effortlessly

Planning, setting time aside and completely enjoying your 20% Indulgence

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